It all student late fifties, as the great Visionary Bindeshwar Singh envisioned a dream. His vision to establish Temple of learning’ with sole aim of providing quality education to residents in and around this backward non-descript area of Patliputra managed by P.K. Chaudhary. Thus was born Bindeshwar Singh College in the year of 1954 and got continuation in 1975 named by today is our ultimate inspirations Bindeshwar Singh. Under the dynamic leadership of Principal, this institution has taken the education to the masses and has wide spread network of various disciplines. With the dedicated faculty, staff and sincere efforts of student put together. The enviable features of these results overall was 90%, maximum students passed in distinction. The success is stills more noteworthy as it has been consistently mainteand by varius succussesiv batches.

Philosophy of Empowerment In Action

Being created by governing committee has well developed quality management system in place. Moreover the administration uses the principal of trust and empowerment. This builds the sense of ownership in the people. The conventional administrative structure has been given a good bye and a more natural structure is implemented instead. This is depicted in the illustration. Students are treated as the least responsible members in the institution; Teacher-student relationship is affectionate and informal. All this is possible on the strength of the quality. All members in the college begin the day by chanting a prayer. All put on uniforms and feel the team sprit.